Checkboxes in a combobox popup

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Sep 16 08:19:36 PDT 2013


a listview does not seem to use a ScrollPane. That's what its 
virtualization effort is about, using the VirtualFlow instead. Or do you 
mean I should nest the popup listview in a scrollpane?

The MenuButton approach would be completely different and seems to have 
a few disadvantages of its own:

- no virtualization so all those checkboxes would have to be created in 
- no scrolling through as few as 100 items... (and there can be more)
- it is also not really a multiselect control which would allow users to 
quickly toggle some items without having to open the menu again for each 
of them


On 16.09.2013 16:58, Jasper Potts wrote:
> You could try
> <>
> Or what about using MenuButton with check box menu items?

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