CNET: Google begins barring browser plug-ins from Chrome

Joe McGlynn joe.mcglynn at
Wed Sep 25 12:19:34 PDT 2013

You're correct, this only affects applets (Java apps that run inside the web page).

We've just learned about this move from NPAPI, so it's too early to speculate what we'll do.  We are certainly going to evaluate what it will take to support PPAPI and what the tradeoffs are.


On Sep 25, 2013, at 12:10 PM, Fabrizio Giudici <Fabrizio.Giudici at> wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Sep 2013 09:55:39 +0200, Tom Eugelink <tbee at> wrote:
>> Nope, just too busy, period :-)
>> I have an applet that I use for hour registration. It has been working for me for years, and it would be a real bummer if that needs to be rewritten (unnecessary hours). I'd probably consider using a different browser.
>> But I also read in the article that Google did something to the Flash player to make it run on the other API. Maybe Java...
> From what I understand Java WebStart should still work, just not supporting "applet embedded in the page". Applications launched by WebStart should be unaffected. Or am I missing something?
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