Seeing test failures in graphics scrum for ListViewKeyInputTest on Mac

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Sep 26 16:06:44 PDT 2013

> I developed the tests but never saw the failures. David saw them and has
> @ignore'd them until I can work out why they are intermittently failing.
> I'm guessing it is a keyboard shortcut oversight (by me) between Windows
> and Mac OS, with the only extra oddity being David saying that the tests
> are not consistently failing.

I can get it to consistently fail on my end, so I will see if I can find the cause.

> The other wrinkle is that I believe these tests were only @Ignore'd in
> the controls repo, as the controls team has not integrated since that time.

I think we should all start using the same repo after 8 (actually I don't really see why we couldn't just all starting working out of graphics repo now, and save ourselves a bunch of time integrating for the rest of the release). The purpose of team repos is to avoid issues like this, but they add a lot of overhead and actually it would have been easier and faster if we were in the same repo because then graphics wouldn't be broken for a week.


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