[IMPORTANT] The controls team is moving repos

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at oracle.com
Mon Sep 30 12:26:09 PDT 2013

Hi all,

The controls team is moving repos this week! The summary is that after
this weeks integration by David, the controls repo will remain locked.
>From this point we will no longer be able to push changesets into the
controls repo, but we can easily switch over to using the graphics repo
and carry on as-is without the need to clone new repos. We just need to
be careful to time things properly.

For others that use the controls repo (SQE, performance teams, and
members of the openjfx community, at least), it is advised that you also
switch from using this repo after this weeks integration, as it will no
longer be relevant.

For everyone who has a cloned repo, the steps to switch from controls to
graphics are the following:

1) Do an 'hg pull --rebase' in each of your repo directories to ensure
you're up to date.
2) If you have changes to push, get them into the controls repo before
integration if you want your changes to be in this weeks build.
3) After integration happens David will send an email indicating that
you can make the switch. At this time you can browse to your repo clone,
and within each folder (jfx, rt, rt-closed, tests, etc), you will find
an .hg directory containing a file named hgrc. Open this file in a text
editor and replace 'controls' with 'graphics'.
4) You're done!

Keep an eye out for any updates to these instructions, and also the
instruction to switch from David. Try not to jump the gun!


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