Mali-400, looking for some help

David Hill David.Hill at
Fri Apr 4 15:04:12 UTC 2014

Hi community,

I have 3 different community boards with Mali-400 on them, and have yet to get the satisfaction of a simple GLESv2 app rendering without X11 in the way. Perhaps this is because I am a library guy (not a kernel guy), perhaps it is due to the emphasis on X11 in the distros, perhaps this is because I have not found the right magic incantation.

So I am looking for some help.

I need some suggestions on what I am missing in setup on the boards I do have, and/or suggestions on the community board (easily available without NDA) I should be getting.

I have:

  *      Arndale Board-K
      o fails to boot Linaro distro (and the instructions don't match the sample image)
  *      Odroid-U3
      o forums say that direct framebuffer is not implemented
  *      A20-OlinuXino-Micro
      o forums say it should work with sunxi drivers, but I have yet to find a sample image/driver combo that does not have version issues.

  Like Freescale, the Mali implementation requires a different library configuration for X11 versus direct to framebuffer rendering.


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