JavaFX 2 + with LWJGL ( OpenGL )

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Mon Apr 7 16:33:37 UTC 2014

This solution is cool, but it draws to an image, sucks out the bits and 
then converts that to an FX image.  This is a good approach because it 
uses API and does not rely on any internals of FX. Hopefully it is fast 
enough for you.


On 2014-04-06 12:41 PM, Exo Verse wrote:
> Yea the OpenGL comes with your graphics drivers for your video card. So
> your correct that it doesn't ship with JavaFX. What I have been going on
> about is trying to find a way to use JavaFX with LWJGL. In case you are
> unaware, LWJGL just means "Light Weight Java OpenGL" and its a wrapper for
> the OpenGL API. It's an alternative to JOGL.
> On another note, as I did a search, Thanks to Tom showing me that link I
> examined that code and I found something of interest in the JOGL code
> interface..  well it lead me to a google search, and viola..  LWJGL with
> JavaFX. :)
> LINK :
> So just wanted to post the link here and say thanks for all of your help. :)
> Cheers,
> Torak
> On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 12:35 PM, Tom Schindl <tom.schindl at>wrote:
>> JavaFX does not ship OpenGL binaries on windows you have to build it your
>> own.
>> Please note:
>> a) if there are people who manage to write a prism pipeline on jogl why
>> should you not be able to do the same with lwjgl?
>> b) the talk i mentionned from felipe and steve show how to get access to
>> the native OpenGL context and there from you can use any API you like can't
>> remember which one they used
>> Tom
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>>> Am 06.04.2014 um 18:18 schrieb Exo Verse <toraktu at>:
>>> Thanks, but as I mentioned in my original post, I don't like JOGL. It
>>> doesn't work with my setup. I use LWJGL because its only about the OpenGL
>>> and not other libraries, and its an easy API wrapper to use. There are
>> many
>>> many reason I hate JOGL.. but this thread is not about hating on JOGL,
>> its
>>> about finding a way to use LWJGL with JavaFX2+.
>>> Also, Win32 API calls can use both DirectX and OpenGL APIs. And it
>> doesn't
>>> matter what Windows OS you're using. I have tested this out from Windows
>> XP
>>> all the way to Windows 7 - 32/64 Bit with no problem.
>>> Cheers
>>> Torak
>>> On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 11:52 AM, Tom Schindl <
>> tom.schindl at>wrote:
>>>> There is a talk from Felipe and Steve at J1 last year how to embed
>> OpenGL
>>>> into FX using *internal* API!
>>>> Search for it on parleys - this does not help you on Win32 which uses
>>>> directx instead of javafx. BTW there are people doing a JOGL pipeline
>>>> Tom
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>>>>> Am 06.04.2014 um 17:25 schrieb Exo Verse <toraktu at>:
>>>>> Yea its a shame that using JavaFX as an option along with OpenGL wasn't
>>>>> even thought of to begin with. I don't understand why they limit you
>> like
>>>>> they do. Them trying to recreate the wheel and make their own version
>> of
>>>> a
>>>>> 3D interface is just plain stupid if it can't run low level. I can see
>> 2D
>>>>> games and applications with a LOT of usage for JavaFX and its 2D
>> graphics
>>>>> API. But True 3D needs low level other wise its a waste of time.
>>>>> Well, thanks for the replies. Guess I'll have to stick with using other
>>>>> sources for my GUI. It's just that I like JavaFX version of its GUI
>>>> because
>>>>> it is so simple to use. But not worth it if you can't use it for the
>>>> reason
>>>>> that we the people need it for. Like in my case, game dev.
>>>>> Cheers.
>>>>> Torak
>>>>> On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:48 AM, Philipp Dörfler <phdoerfler at
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> It is not possible to combine JavaFX and OpenGL as it is right now.
>> This
>>>>>> was discussed on this mailing list some time before as a _possible_
>>>> future
>>>>>> addition, but I'd be very surprised if Oracle actually chose to
>>>> implement
>>>>>> this.
>>>>>> Starting with JavaFX 8 there is indeed some kind of "3D support" but
>> the
>>>>>> 3D API allows only for the most basic operations. It is still
>> completely
>>>>>> scene graph based and you have to live with all restrictions that
>> JavaFX
>>>>>> imposes on you. Not wanting to say that the 3D API is completely
>>>> useless,
>>>>>> but I'm afraid that even WPF is more flexible when it comes to 3D than
>>>>>> JavaFX is. For example: As far as I know you can not even change the
>>>>>> shading model from GL_SMOOTH to GL_FLAT. You could work around that by
>>>>>> setting the normals yourself though (Same for WPF). Also render
>> quality
>>>> is
>>>>>> bad when you render an instance of Text in 3D and scale it down for
>>>>>> example. At least it was when I tried that last time (few months ago).
>>>>>> Again, not to say that one can't work with JavaFX's 3D API, but it's
>> not
>>>>>> raw OpenGL either. As far as I know the JavaFX team wants to be able
>> to
>>>> let
>>>>>> the user use his own OpenGL context and let JavaFX render on top of
>>>> that or
>>>>>> add the possibility to ask JavaFX for the underlying context and mess
>>>> with
>>>>>> that but this is not even officially planned or included on any
>> roadmap
>>>>>> (AFAIK) so we can only keep our fingers crossed for that to happen.
>> Like
>>>>>> you I would absolutely LOVE to use JavaFX as a GUI on top of my OpenGL
>>>>>> games.
>>>>>> Cheers
>>>>>> Philipp Dörfler
>>>>>>> Am 06.04.2014 um 16:31 schrieb Exo Verse <toraktu at>:
>>>>>>> Can you please explain what True 3D means in terms of Low Level API ?
>>>>>>> Because with LWJGL I can use Low Level API to talk directly to my
>> Video
>>>>>>> Card. As a game dev, I need every ounce of umph from the card I can
>>>> get,
>>>>>>> and using a browser or any other kind of wrapper hasn't proven very
>>>>>>> efficient. I love LWJGL because of its simplicity. Anything extra I
>>>>>> need, I
>>>>>>> am allowed to make on my own. Example, my own Game Engine.
>>>>>>> And that is where I am at. So if your speaking about Nodes, I am
>> aware
>>>>>>> there is a hierarchy to the JavaFX2 when setting up the GUI, but that
>>>> is
>>>>>>> the only thing I knew existed. Could you please elaborate what makes
>>>>>>> JavaFX8 a True 3D Low Level interface API ? Because from the
>>>>>> presentation,
>>>>>>> you have to go through two layers before you have to get to the
>> OpenGL
>>>>>>> layer. Where as if I can use LWJGL, I can skip a level.
>>>>>>> If I am misinformed on something, please, explain. Because I am new
>> to
>>>>>>> JavaFX.
>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>> Torak
>>>>>>>> On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Hervé Girod <herve.girod at
>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>> With Java 8 (JavaFX 8), you now have true 3D Nodes, with camera,
>>>>>>>> texturing, etc... However it would still be very interesting to be
>>>> able
>>>>>> to
>>>>>>>> control the low-level rendering of JavaFX, such as using LWJGL for
>>>>>> example.
>>>>>>>> This would allow to render JavaFx content in an external OpenGL
>>>> context
>>>>>> for
>>>>>>>> example.
>>>>>>>> Hervé
>>>>>>>> Sent from my iPad
>>>>>>>>> On 6 avr. 2014, at 14:42, Exo Verse <toraktu at> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hello, I have been working with OpenGL and LWJGL for over 5 years
>>>> now.
>>>>>> I
>>>>>>>>> want to switch over to using JavaFX 2, because of its GUI abilities
>>>> and
>>>>>>>>> still use LWJGL with it. But I can't seem to find a way to do
>> this. I
>>>>>>>> saw a
>>>>>>>>> 2 hour video that described the features of JavaFX 2 and it even
>>>> shown
>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> layout..  OpenGL was there at the bottom with D3D with Prism above
>>>> both
>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>> them in the hierarchy. I have searched the web and I can't find
>>>> prism,
>>>>>> I
>>>>>>>>> can't find info on how to talk to opengl and I can't find any
>>>> tutorials
>>>>>>>>> anywhere. So I am posting here to see what I can find. I do NOT
>> like
>>>>>>>> JOGL.
>>>>>>>>> I prefer LWJGL. So far, the only thing related to 3D with regards
>> to
>>>>>>>> JavaFX
>>>>>>>>> is the very resource intensive Canvas3D, which I can't stand. Any
>>>>>> ideas ?
>>>>>>>>> Is it not implemented yet and its on its way ? I'm trying to find
>> any
>>>>>>>> info
>>>>>>>>> I can about this. If there is nothing for LWJGL, then I can't use
>>>>>> JavaFX.
>>>>>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>>>>>> Torak

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