Drag events following pressed events.

Robert Fisher rfisher at tesis.de
Wed Apr 23 14:40:22 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,
I'm confused about how pressed and dragged events are related in JavaFX. My initial assumption was that MOUSE_PRESSED events would *always* precede MOUSE_DRAGGED events. That is, you would never find a case where a MOUSE_DRAGGED event fired on a node and a MOUSE_PRESSED event had not fired.
However I then found the following exception: when I have a popup showing that is configured to hide itself when it loses focus. If I drag on a background node, a MOUSE_DRAGGED handler will fire but a MOUSE_PRESSED handler will not. Like the MOUSE_PRESSED event is being consumed in the process of hiding the popup, or something. I observed this behaviour in both JavaFX 7 and 8.
Is this a bug? Or am I making too many assumptions about how MOUSE_PRESSED and MOUSE_DRAGGED events are related?

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