Should Canvas have been Image subclass instead of Node?

Jeff Martin jeff at
Wed Apr 23 22:24:53 UTC 2014

I understand that Canvas has to remain a node - but I think the basic problem could be fixed in a very backward compatible way:

> A future release could simply add a "CanvasImage" class which had a GraphicsContext - then Canvas could remain, but simply embed a CanvasImage. Though for practical purposes, I think most developers would simply use CanvasImage with ImageView from then on.


On Apr 23, 2014, at 2:15 PM, Stephen F Northover <steve.x.northover at> wrote:

> I think a graphics context on a writable image would make more sense.  In any case, Canvas is a Node and will remain one forever.
> Steve
> On 2014-04-22 6:15 PM, Jeff Martin wrote:
>> I have a case where I need to draw to a canvas and reuse it in multiple nodes. My non-optimal work-around is to take a snapshot and use that, but it makes me wonder if Canvas should have been an Image subclass or if WritableImage should get it's own getGraphicsContext() method.
>> jeff

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