Dragboard.dragView and Dragboard.content

Eric Le Ponner eric.le.ponner at oracle.com
Fri Apr 25 14:06:39 UTC 2014


In my onDragDetected() listener, I do the following:

0) I create an Image
1) I set it as content of my drag board (using a DataFormat.IMAGE entry)
2) I set it as drag view (using Dragboard.setDragView)

During the drag gesture on Windows, I see my image twice.
If I remove step #2 then I see my image only once.

So it seems that:
- one image comes from the drag view
- other image is a kind of « automatic representation » of the clipboard

I find it a bit surprising to have two images in that case.
Shouldn’t we have one image only : the one passed to setDragView() ?

Any help / opinion are welcome.


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