How to learn the identity of the graphics card?

Peter Penzov peter.penzov at
Wed Aug 6 06:39:14 UTC 2014

Hi All,
   I'm interested how I can get the model of the GPU card using Java. Can
you show me some basic example?


On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 3:02 AM, Jim Graham <james.graham at> wrote:

> If there is a card that can't keep up with what we want it to do then we
> should probably be dealing with that on our end as well, whether by
> disabling 3D on that card or by black listing it and just falling back to
> sw pipeline.  We already do that with a number of embedded GPUs...
>                         ...jim
> On 8/1/14 2:27 AM, Mike Hearn wrote:
>>> Scott is correct about the determining of the SW pipeline. To add to
>>> that,
>>> if knowing whether you are running on SW is sufficient
>> Unfortunately for the Intel HD4000 card that some older laptops have, it
>> technically supports 3D but struggles to do basic shader effects at 60fps
>> when running at high pixel densities. I think I posted about this problem
>> before. Simpler animations work better (just) but I'd prefer to only fall
>> back to that when necessary.
>>  I think the suggestion about starting out assuming that animation will be
>>> OK and then backing off is a good one, if it is practical for your
>>> application.
>> Given that I'll be bundling a JVM with the app anyway I think it'd be
>> easier and give a better UX to just patch JavaFX to expose this data using
>> an API specific to my app. It obviously has it because when running with
>> Prism debug logging the info is printed.

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