Poor scrolling animation when swiping a Macbook touchpad

Robert Lebel boblebel2 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 04:38:30 UTC 2014

On a brand new Macbook pro 2014 (my first), scrolling is not smooth when I
swipe 2 fingers up or down on the touchpad. If I use the mouse wheel or
drag the scrollbar instead of a gesture, scrolling is of course fine.

I see this in all javafx app, not just my own. The home screen of Ensemble
8 is the easiest way to see it.

It looks like a poorly implemented animation more than a performance
problem. If I swipe fast, the animation apperars to start smooth, and then
it get more and more jerky as it slow down. Just before the animation stop,
it skips many frames and it's very obvious.

I'm curious if it does the same on a Windows 8 laptop with a touch screen
but I don't have such a device to try it.

Should I file a JIRA issue for this? Have others noticed this as well?

As it is, scrolling with a swipe gesture on the touchpad doesn't feel good.

p.s. this is with 8u11 and 8u20

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