Elliptical gradient

Edu García arcnorj at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 23:38:48 UTC 2014


Is there a way of create an elliptical gradient? The only way I've found is
creating a RadialGradient with proportional set as true, and then apply
that to a rectangle of the proportions I want. But obviously, that's not
very useful if I want to apply it to any shape.

If there is no way and this was just an oversight, will it be possible to
have a RadialGradient constructor with two points and two radii to cover
all the possible cases, like PDF has? We can always adapt the other
constructor using the focus angle and length to map to this two points
internally, and I'm assuming we do something similar when converting inside
Prism (or any of the related subsystems, sorry, I don't know any of the JFX
internals yet :D)

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