TreeItem enhancements

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Dec 1 18:28:41 UTC 2014


I am currently building a visual designer for Jasper Reports (to be 
embedded in our product). The design model is basically a design tree, 
so I am extending TreeItem for its element classes, e.g. StaticText or 
SubReport. This has two benefits: 1. I get to show the model in a 
TreeView, and 2. I get tree change notifications bubbled from leaf to 
root item - both at no extra cost.

Obviously "my" TreeItems have additional observable properties such as 
x/y/w/h. It would be very cool if changes to those properties could also 
be bubbled to the root using the same change bubbling technique. Only 
little things are missing here:

- ability to create TreeItem.children with an observable-list extractor
- ability to bubble ListChangeListener.Change.wasUpdated events

Also, if we could create TreeItem.children for ourselves in a factory or 
somesuch, we could use a Filtered- or SortedList, too. I imagine this 
could simplify tree filtering a lot (ScenicView!).

Thoughts about this?


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