TreeItem enhancements

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Dec 1 20:00:28 UTC 2014

Hi Jonathan,

sure, I'll file that tweak.

About prototyping: this is probably the only thing I can do here, 
prototyping. I'd rather prepare a pull request with treeitem 
enhancements while using them already for our product at the same time.
That could be a win-win situation and I could provide somewhat proven 
and tested code. Otherwise I end up implementing stuff twice. 
Unfortunately I don't see a way how to do this without running into 
legal and technical issues (*) on the way...

With controlsfx it is similar on a smaller scale.


(*) package private stuff, keeping treeview compatibility, backport 
if/when code eventually arrives in, and probably 
Integer.MAX_VALUE more ;-)

On 01.12.2014 20:20, Jonathan Giles wrote:
> These sound like decent suggestions - I would encourage you to file a
> tweak request in jira. It would be great if in the development of your
> work you could prototype and explore these suggestions in greater depth
> - I am always happy to work with patches as a starting point.
> -- Jonathan

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