Font derivation

Jeff Hain jeffhain at
Tue Dec 9 23:31:29 UTC 2014

Created a JIRA account to be able to see this, but I still can't (permission violation).Meanwhile, I saw this one, which seems to be what I ask for :- (Add withXxx semantics to Font to create derived versions)And this one, which I had in mind too :- (Need font/text measurement API)

An ambiguous thing on this derivation topic is that there is a notion of style intrinsic to fonts,like in "FreeMono.ttf is not bold, and FreeMono-Bold.ttf is bold", and also a notionof style extrinsic to fonts, like when you use a font loaded from a ".ttf" file witha custom weight, and these two notions are often mixed-up.

>So if anyone (external) would like to file an RFE directly requesting it>along with justification, that might be better than me filing one.
Better than a justification based on a particular use case, I think we couldjust consider that it is a basic feature that should "of course" be implemented ;)(especially not to introduce a "regression" for ex-AWT users, when moving to JavaFX).
But in case it could help, here is my use case :I'm working on set of basic interfaces on top of which I could build basic UIs(I don't need FX things), the same way that most of my scheduling code dependson a few interfaces like Executor, and not directly on ThreadPoolExecutor orForkJoinPool or else.I'm not only doing it not to tie high level UI code to a particular low-to-high levelUI framework, but also because I have some particular needs that AWT/Swing/JavaFXdon't support out of the box, and would make hard to implement.On the low-level side of all this, i.e. where these interfaces get implemented,most things are working well so far (Graphics2D/GraphicsContext for drawing,EDT/AppThread as UI thread, etc.), I'm just having this little and unexpectedtrouble with JavaFX fonts.


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