PLEASE READ: 8u-dev open for 8u60 work; update on 8u/9 syncing policy

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Mon Dec 15 20:59:21 UTC 2014

To: All OpenJFX developers

I. 8u-dev is now open for 8u60 work

I have completed the final integration from FX 8u-dev into 8u prior to 
the 8u40 RDP2 fork. As a result, the FX 8u-dev repo is unlocked and is 
now open for 8u60 [1] bug fixes. Here are the rules:

* We are no longer under rampdown restriction for 8u-dev; this means 
that bug fixes may be pushed to 8u-dev without additional approval, 
subject to our usual code review policy [2], which also allows for 
post-commit reviews by owners. Use "[8u60]" in the subject of your 
review requests.

* No API changes (including behavioral changes) or new features should 
go into 8u-dev for 8u60 -- at least not yet. We haven't scoped out the 
release and, while there will probably be some minor API tweaks for 
8u60, we will hold off on other feature work until 9 and focus on bug 
fixing for 8u60.

* If you plan on working on a bug for 8u60, you can and should change 
the fixVersion to 8u60; if  you aren't sure it is feasible for 8u60 and 
want to leave it targeted to 9 until you are ready to push a fix, that's 
OK, but please don't forget to change the fixversion to 8u60 once you 
push it to 8u-dev.

* You can go through your bug backlog and target bugs to 8u60, once you 
prioritize them, but please only target those bugs you are reasonably 
sure you can fix within the next two or three months, or those that 
absolutely must be fixed for 8u60 and cannot wait until 9.

II.  Update on 8u-dev ==> 9-dev syncing policy

In order to allow more bug fixing to happen for 8u60, we will continue 
to sync changes (at least once a week) from 8u-dev to 9-dev for the next 
several weeks, probably through mid-late January. This means that most 
bug fixes over the next few weeks should be pushed into 8u-dev and 
marked as fixed in 8u60. Anyone pushing changes directly into 9-dev 
(which should only be people working on things that are specific to 9, 
such as the compiler upgrade, WebKit upgrade, or jigsaw changes) needs 
to be careful to avoid changes that will cause merge conflicts.

Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Kevin


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