Layout issue

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Tue Feb 11 11:41:01 PST 2014

If you can create a simple test application it would be great if you 
can log this as a Jira issue so that we can take a proper look into 
this for you.

-- Jonathan

On Wednesday, 12 February 2014 5:50:15 a.m., John Hendrikx wrote:
> From an earlier posting on this list, I came to understand that in
> JavaFX 8 it is no longer allowed to modify the children list in
> layoutChildren, and that such modifications may need to be moved to
> the computerPref* methods.
> However, I get a different odd issue, and I'm wondering exactly what
> is allowed and what isn't when it comes to layout (any documentation
> on this?)
> What's happening is the following:
> I got a (subclass of) BorderPane, at the top I have a tab-like control
> (let's call it a FilterControl).  At the center I got a TreeView.
> When the BorderPane gets laid out, I set up the content for both the
> TreeView and the FilterControl.  I do this in layoutChildren or in
> computerPref* of the BorderPane -- it makes no difference.  Setting up
> the content for the FilterControl involves changing its children
> list.  The TreeView probably will do the same (adding/removing Cells
> as needed).
> Now, I'm seeing layout issues.  The BorderPane for example is often
> putting the TreeView right on top of the FilterControl (stuff is
> transparent, so I can see it).  With other attempts, the FilterControl
> is not visible at all (zero height).  Forcing an update (by changing
> focus) usually clears up the issue and the FilterControl will take its
> rightful spot and force the TreeView to be a little less high.
> I'm thinking this is somekind of issue with layout and that I'm
> approaching this wrong causing the layout problems.  However, I don't
> quite understand what I'm possibly doing wrong -- modifying the
> children of the Top node of the BorderPane during BorderPane's own
> computePref/layoutChildren call should be perfectly fine right?
> Any help appreciated!
> --John

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