OpenJFX Lambda Day, Feb 25th 2014

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Fri Feb 14 15:35:06 PST 2014

Hello all,

Mark it on your calendar.  Feb 25th is OpenJFX Lambda day.  On that day, 
we will lock the code base, lambdify everything in sight, and then open 
up for business again.  One thing that we won't be doing right away is 
converting our code to use streams and other JDK8 features but this is 
inevitable (perhaps after 8u20).  We are part of the JDK, we ship with 
the JDK so we will use features from the JDK.

Like "Lambda's to the slaughter" the Android and iOS ports of OpenJFX 
will be affected.  We've been discussing the use of RetroLambda on and 
off in JIRA for a while and it seems that it will work for both ports.  
We care about these ports and it is possible that Lambda Day will slip 
for one reason or another.  For one thing, the lambdifying tools blow up 
some of the source making lambda conversion a somewhat manual process.  
Hopefully we can get the bugs fixed before the day.

On that day, I will be listening to 'The Lambda Lies Down on Broadway" 
all day.  Those of you with children might prefer "Mary had a little 
Lambda".  Despite being called "The Lambda Police", I am and old Lisper 
and a card carrying member of the "Knights of the Lambda Calculus".  
Look that one up.  I know the founder personally but will never tell who 
it is.


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