Embedded ARM interest "poll"

David Hill David.Hill at Oracle.com
Thu Feb 20 10:09:33 PST 2014

I know that there is a fair amount of interest in IOS and Android.

What I don't know is what other "Embedded" ARM platforms people are interested in running OpenJFX on. "Embedded" in this case can be translated as "other than iOS or Android".

As many of you know, we have documented "known to work" for the Raspberry PI <https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/OpenJFX/OpenJFX+on+the+Raspberry+Pi>.

Recently we have had success with the Freescale i.MX6. The i.MX6 is a startling fast platform compared to the PI, particularly the quad core I am using. A lot of the operations seem to be 3-5x faster than the PI.

For the power, the prices are pretty reasonable to me. See http://www.wandboard.org/ and http://boundarydevices.com/ for just two of the vendors I know about that have development boards.

I have started documenting the setup on the OpenJFX Wiki <https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/OpenJFX/OpenJFX+on+Freescale+i.MX6>, though this effort is complicated by the community Yocto build which does not have a working "framebuffer" image. I am using a "workaround" for this build problem. For those not in the know, Freescale provides different versions of libEGL for different rendering targets (x11, framebuffer, ...)

I certainly would enjoy it if others in the OpenJFX community wanted to help out with i.MX6!

The TI "Beagle xM" probably works, but I have not found a Linux hard float distro with sufficiently integrated graphics drivers to try it on.

I have a pending request to support the A20-OLinuXino, and actually have one so I might be able to start work soon.

If "Embedded" ARM is interesting to you, could you reply OFF LIST - just to me with the platforms you are interested in or are currently using ?

David Hill<David.Hill at Oracle.com>
Java Embedded Development

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