where to set properties

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at oracle.com
Thu Feb 20 10:22:48 PST 2014

On 2014-02-19 12:46 PM, Johan Vos wrote:
> Is there a policy on the location where properties are defined?
> I see there are properties on a number of places:
> build.properties (e.g. jfx.build.jdk.version=1.8.0)
> build.gradle (e.g. ext.JAVA_HOME = JDK_HOME)
> buildSrc/(e.g. linux).gradle (e.g. LINUX.compileSwing = true;)
> command line properties (e.g. -Djfx.build.jdk.defenders=true)
> The reason I'm asking:
> for Android/Dalvik, we don't require jfxBuildJdkVersion to be 1.8.0. There
> are a number of ways to fix this. The current test is
>   if (jdkVersion != jfxBuildJdkVersion) {
>              fail("java version mismatch: ${jdkVersion} must be
> ${jfxBuildJdkVersion}")
>          }
> We build the Android/Dalvik runtime with Java 7, hence this check fails.
> We can either change jfx.build.jdk.version in build.properties (but not
> conditionally), or we can skip the test if
> System.getProperty("jfx.build.jdk.defenders) is true, or we can check if
> the OS is Dalvik, or... or...

Is there a reason why you cannot build with 8?  You will need to accept 
8 syntax (like lambdas).
> I don't want to pollute the build files with too many tests, so I prefer to
> stick to the policy, if there is one.
> Thanks,
> - Johan

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