Android-dalvik porting

Johan Vos johan at
Thu Feb 20 12:30:45 PST 2014


I did a rebuild of the dalvik-version of Open-JFX based on the 8udev tree.
We are building this with the android.jar provided by the Android SDK as
bootclasspath, with a compat-lib as Xbootclasspath. At runtime, the
android.jar is available on dalvik, and we supply the compat-lib with the

There are 2 issues:
* a number of interfaces are marked with @FunctionalInterface. This is not
a real issue, since @FunctionalInterface is informative only.
* the javafx/collections/transformation/FilteredList extensively uses
Predicates. This is an issue. I would suggest putting a non-Predicate
version of this in the java7 source directory. That brings the total in
this directory to 2 files (ObservableList and FilteredList).


- Johan

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