General schedule/roadmap/status

Kevin Smith kevin.s at
Thu Jan 2 16:24:02 PST 2014

Hi all,

If my questions are answered by existing web pages or archived email
threads, please point me to them. I looked, but could not find any. We
are looking at committing to JavaFX for some major new UI work, and want
to understand the likely availability of JavaFX for our OpenJDK users.

My understanding is that JavaFX is/will be built into Java 8. That's
true for OpenJDK 8 also, right?

I am aware of Oracle's Java 8 build, and I found a Fedora OpenJDK 8
package. I don't see anything like that for Debian, and couldn't find
any mention of any current or planned work on one. Does anyone know when
a preview version of OpenJDK might be packaged for Debian?

The scheduled release of Oracle Java 8 is in a few months. Will the
OpenJDK release be simultaneous with that? Earlier?

Based on past history, is there likely to be a long delay between the
official Java 8 release, and when it is available in a public Debian (or
Ubuntu) release? Do they tend to ship preview releases, or do they only
release full public versions of OpenJDK?

There were milestones in October and November related to ZBB and other
quality levels? Have those been hit? How is Open JavaFX looking relative
to the big release date?

Has anyone packaged Open JavaFX for Java 7 (e.g. on Debian)?

Thanks much,


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