not all custom controls are usable in SceneBuilder

Yves JOAN yves.joan at
Fri Jan 3 02:18:39 PST 2014

On 03/01/14 11:03, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> Not all JFXtras custom components are draggable from the library's 
> custom tab to the scene. For example Agenda and CalendarTextField can 
> be dragged, but CalendarPicker or ListSpinner cannot. Is there any way 
> to determine why this is the case? SceneBuilder only shows a 
> "forbidden" icon as the mouse pointer.
> Tom
I've no trouble dragging all the one you list, CalendarPicker and 
ListSpinner included. I use a JFXtras jar stamped Nov. 24th and the 
latest promoted SceneBuilder 2 (b09).

Note that in the coming b10 there's a way to read the jar analysis 
report, useful if you do not see coming up in the Library the expected 
custom item.


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