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Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Fri Jan 3 08:57:22 PST 2014

Hi Kevin,

Oracle builds Java 8 using the OpenJDK.  OpenJFX is a part of the 
OpenJDK and is built into Oracle's Java 8 distribution.  The rest of 
these questions are really for the various different Linux distributions 
that consume open source projects and produce their own builds.  I 
suggest that you ping them and find out their plans.


On 2014-01-02 7:24 PM, Kevin Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> If my questions are answered by existing web pages or archived email
> threads, please point me to them. I looked, but could not find any. We
> are looking at committing to JavaFX for some major new UI work, and want
> to understand the likely availability of JavaFX for our OpenJDK users.
> My understanding is that JavaFX is/will be built into Java 8. That's
> true for OpenJDK 8 also, right?
> I am aware of Oracle's Java 8 build, and I found a Fedora OpenJDK 8
> package. I don't see anything like that for Debian, and couldn't find
> any mention of any current or planned work on one. Does anyone know when
> a preview version of OpenJDK might be packaged for Debian?
> The scheduled release of Oracle Java 8 is in a few months. Will the
> OpenJDK release be simultaneous with that? Earlier?
> Based on past history, is there likely to be a long delay between the
> official Java 8 release, and when it is available in a public Debian (or
> Ubuntu) release? Do they tend to ship preview releases, or do they only
> release full public versions of OpenJDK?
> There were milestones in October and November related to ZBB and other
> quality levels? Have those been hit? How is Open JavaFX looking relative
> to the big release date?
> Has anyone packaged Open JavaFX for Java 7 (e.g. on Debian)?
> Thanks much,
> Kevin

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