Very poor performance of JavaFX on iPhone - 6 months later

Jim Graham james.graham at
Fri Jan 3 16:36:15 PST 2014

The following Jira is more precisely aimed at the scrolling 
optimizations that were disabled for Retina:


On 1/3/14 4:04 PM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Please add your weight to the JIRA (indicate the hardware you are
> using).  A fix for the desktop should also fix the problem on iOS.
> Steve
> On 2014-01-03 5:45 PM, Jeff Martin wrote:
>> I noticed the high-dpi problem on a high-end MacBook Pro Retina. Took
>> me by surprise for JavaOne demos since I usually use an external
>> monitor (non-retina). I ended up switching to low dpi.
>> jeff
>> On Jan 3, 2014, at 3:59 PM, Stephen F Northover
>> <steve.x.northover at> wrote:
>>> Hi Tobias,
>>> Sorry about that.
>>> Looking at the bug, it seems to me that we have gotten to the bottom
>>> of it.  Some iOS devices are scrolling fine while others are slower.
>>> The difference seems to be that high dpi disables optimizations and
>>> this causes the slowness on iOS.  The same optimizations are disabled
>>> on the desktop, but the desktop is much faster and people don't
>>> notice.  There was some discussion about performance in the
>>> simulator, but we should ignore that. Performance on the device is
>>> what matters.
>>> iOS and Android are not currently supported platforms for JavaFX. We
>>> are looking towards the community to step up and submit patches to
>>> take these ports forward.  Johan Vos and others are helping with
>>> Android.  Are you interested in working on iOS?  If so, please build
>>> on the patches in and
>>> take the work forward.
>>> The first step would be to prove that we can be fast (which I think
>>> we can if we run with the optimizations) then understand how to turn
>>> the optimizations back on.
>>> Steve
>>> On 2014-01-03 3:28 PM, Tobias Bley wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> many months ago I reported the „poor performance on iOS“ issue
>>>> ( Now 6 months later
>>>> the bug is already open and no one of Oracle answers me on Jira.
>>>> What’s up? How can we fix this important bug?
>>>> Best,
>>>> Tobi

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