JavaFX versus AWT/Swing Hardware Acceleration

Steve Hannah steve at
Fri Jan 3 16:51:05 PST 2014

> Are you referring to the C version of Pisces in the FX sources? Actually,
> there are 2 currently in the FX source base.

I'm working with the native Pisces code located in

I'm just making a 2D graphics API similar in functionality to
java.awt.Graphics2D, but using Open GL ES2 to do the rendering.  That
pisces code is nice because it is self-contained, and hence very portable.
 My target platform is iOS --- I've been spending quite a bit of time
lately going through the JavaFX code to try to wrap my head around how it
works.  Your description of the caching mechanisms here is very helpful.
 It confirms some of my assumptions and sheds a little bit of new light for
me on the subject.

Best regards


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