scenebuilder and migpane

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Mon Jan 6 08:19:19 PST 2014

> MigLayout is a very popular layout engine in Swing and SWT (and also gaining ground on Android), I think it would be good for SceneBuilder to better support MigLayout.

+1, I’d love to see enough support in SceneBuilder that any 3rd party layout container could supply editor support, so that the SceneBuilder team doesn’t have to hard code support for different layout containers. This was one of the goals of the “Design Time API for Java Beans” JSR (273, or 277? I don’t remember) to do the same for Swing. We haven’t got that far with Scene Builder but I think the idea is great. MigLayout is widely used enough that we could just add hard-coded support for it (maybe you or another person could contribute that?). Ideally it would be something any 3rd party layout vendor could provide — but in practice there are not that many widely used 3rd party layouts — even in the Swing world.


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