javafxpackager and launcher

Mark Fortner phidias51 at
Fri Jan 10 14:23:50 PST 2014

Comments in-line

> I just started experimenting with the javafxpackager and I noticed that the
> .exe that is created could, and probably should, have more things
> customized in the resources.  If you get properties on the file in Windows
> and look at the Details tab, things like Product name and Version are not
> filled in.  The project has a Title, a Vendor, Description and
> Implementation Version, etc.  I believe those are used for JNLP deployment.
>  It would be nice to have those details injected into the .exe just like
> the icon is.  Should I create an issue for that?
I think there already is an issue for a "universal deployment descriptor"

This came out of last year's discussion thread entitled "Packaging
Application Metadata".



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