Strange exception in ComboBox

Hervé Girod herve.girod at
Thu Jan 16 05:31:05 PST 2014


We have a strange exception in ComboBox at least since b121.

We create a child stage with one combobox, and we systematically have an exception when clicking on an item in the list because of a child added to a parent (ComboBoxListViewSkin) without removing it from the previous one (ComboBox).

- The list is composed of basic Strings
- I checked and the Pane creation is performed in the JavaFX Thread
- We did not set any specific skin to the scene we use
- When I tried to copy the piece of code to test it separately from the whole app, it worked
- There is no exception in Java 7 for the same exact code

Is it something that could be related to a bug in Java 8, or do you think it must be a bug in our code ?


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