In(Sanity) Testing Mondays

Lisa Selle lisa.selle at
Thu Jan 30 06:21:30 PST 2014

The test matrix has been updated.  Please check it for your new 
assignments and prepare accordingly (if you need to get a platform set 
up, etc.)

A couple items of note:  if for some reason (illness, meeting, etc.) you 
miss the regular Monday testing slot, please go ahead and do your 
testing later in the week (as soon as possible).  We are spread pretty 
thin across the platforms, so if a couple people miss in the same week, 
it leaves a big hole in our test coverage.  Also, when you download the 
hudson build PLEASE download the latest samples bundle for testing 
Ensemble.  Testing with old sample jars can lead us to miss bugs that 
might get introduced into the samples themselves.

Thanks everyone, and happy testing!


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