[announce] FXMisc: umbrella project for various JavaFX-related projects.

Tomas Mikula tomas.mikula at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 19:26:04 UTC 2014

I started FXMisc (www.fxmisc.org) to help developers get their project
artifacts to Sonatype/Maven repositories under
'org.fxmisc.yourproject' groupId.

If you
 * don't think that your project deserves a dedicated domain name (yet);
 * find 'org.fxmisc.yourproject' more appealing than
 * don't want or cannot contribute your project to another
JavaFX-related project,
then FXMisc might be for you.

Any JavaFX-related project is welcome to join (Scala, Groovy, ...
projects are welcome as well).

I have put two of my projects under FXMisc so far.

Best regards,

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