Building and using a debug build of openjfx as the default JavaFX for development

John Smith John_Smith at
Sun Mar 9 21:41:36 UTC 2014

The easiest thing to do to debug JavaFX is to use a prebuilt JDK 8+ and attach the sources from the JDK to your IDE.
Then you can set break-points in the JavaFX source and debug it (i.e. you don't need to checkout and build openjfx at all).  
This works fine if all you want to do is step through the JavaFX source in the context of debugging your application (I think from your question this is actually what you want).
For instructions on how to do this with Intellij Idea, see  I think something like e(fx)clipse will do this step for you automatically (not sure about NetBeans).
There is really little difference between the openjfx code and the source shipped with JDK 8.  
When you download JDK 8 (from you are receiving a pre-built tagged snapshot of software built almost entirely from the openjdk/openjfx codebase.

Of course, if you are actually developing and modifying the openjfx source, then the above won't work because your modified openjfx source would get out of sync with the binary JDK8 code.  In this case, you would need to check-out the openjfx source, make any modifications you want, build it and then when you run your application, ensure that you run it against your custom openjfx build and have the modified source attached to your application's IDE project (similar to the instructions in the stackoverflow question I linked).  JavaFX has both native and Java components.  Debugging through the native components as well as the Java components is a more complex task.

Perhaps there is more information on debugging openjfx on the openjfx wiki:
But the wiki is currently offline, so I can't check it at the moment.


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Hi everyone,

I've successfully built openjfx. My overall goal is to be able to step through the openjfx code. I have the Oracle JDK installed - do I need to use OpenJDK instead? How would I go about making sure the build produced has debug information and using it for javafx application development. I'm trying to make my way through this process but I don't have all the pieces put together yet, and I'd appreciate any tips that can be offered.



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