Adding GStreamer plugins

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Tue Mar 25 23:46:19 UTC 2014

> Turns out it was a stupid mistake on my part causing the last few linking
> errors, I hadn't added one of the C files I needed to the makefile (well I
> had, but I'd then reverted it again without realising!) Thanks to all for
> the prods and advice.
> Once I'd done that, the build went through without a hitch - and then it
> was just a case of making the relevant additions to the native code to
> register the MKV type and create a pipeline from it using the plugin. This
> wasn't hard to work out at all; I've since tried several test files in MKV
> format (with AAC audio) all of which play in MediaPlayer without a hitch!


> I mainly wanted to do this as a personal exercise, though I'd imagine this
> is a useful piece of functionality for many others also - so should I
> submit a patch of the changes, or is this unlikely to be accepted? (Again,
> sorry for the perhaps obvious question, I'm rather new to this.) I've had a
> look at the code review process and it seems to suggest adding a patch to
> the relevant JIRA issue for those who don't have commit access (in this
> case 18009), but I don't seem to have permission to do that either?

It sounds like there are perhaps two different ways to move forward here, the first is to take a submission in the form of WIKI writeup that we can post so that anybody else who wants to try extending the media files can follow the path you took. The other is to take a patch for the given JIRA issue. Sadly, the JIRA server doesn’t allow just anybody to supply patches, so you will have to email to Steve or Kevin and they can attach it to the issue for you.


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