Adding GStreamer plugins

Michael Berry mjrb5 at
Wed Mar 26 00:11:35 UTC 2014

Hi Richard,

Sure, I've emailed the patch to Scott and will work on a writeup for others
that want to do something similar! (Minor point, is the wiki source in
standard MediaWiki style or something else?)

Kirill - I think I'll take your suggestion next and start looking at
upgrading the existing native components to the latest version of GStreamer
before I look at adding any more plugins, that would seem to make sense.
Have you any pointers in how best to approach this?

Many thanks,


On 25 March 2014 23:46, Richard Bair <richard.bair at> wrote:

> > Turns out it was a stupid mistake on my part causing the last few linking
> > errors, I hadn't added one of the C files I needed to the makefile (well
> I
> > had, but I'd then reverted it again without realising!) Thanks to all for
> > the prods and advice.
> >
> > Once I'd done that, the build went through without a hitch - and then it
> > was just a case of making the relevant additions to the native code to
> > register the MKV type and create a pipeline from it using the plugin.
> This
> > wasn't hard to work out at all; I've since tried several test files in
> > format (with AAC audio) all of which play in MediaPlayer without a hitch!
> Awesome!
> > I mainly wanted to do this as a personal exercise, though I'd imagine
> this
> > is a useful piece of functionality for many others also - so should I
> > submit a patch of the changes, or is this unlikely to be accepted?
> (Again,
> > sorry for the perhaps obvious question, I'm rather new to this.) I've
> had a
> > look at the code review process and it seems to suggest adding a patch to
> > the relevant JIRA issue for those who don't have commit access (in this
> > case 18009), but I don't seem to have permission to do that either?
> It sounds like there are perhaps two different ways to move forward here,
> the first is to take a submission in the form of WIKI writeup that we can
> post so that anybody else who wants to try extending the media files can
> follow the path you took. The other is to take a patch for the given JIRA
> issue. Sadly, the JIRA server doesn't allow just anybody to supply patches,
> so you will have to email to Steve or Kevin and they can attach it to the
> issue for you.
> Thanks!
> Richard

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