file attachment in Jira

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Wed Mar 26 14:29:35 UTC 2014

I'm so sorry about this.  This is a silly and draconian restriction that 
most open source projects do not face.

I have pinged the Mordac-like elements that govern us once more, 
however, I have no direct control over the outcome.


On 2014-03-26 9:22 AM, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Hi,
> I know this has been discussed before, in one instance it was said file
> attachment in jira would not be possible due to internal possibles, later
> it was said this should be possible and would be dealt with.
> I think it would be important for this to be possible given the highly
> collaborative nature of the javafx project.
> This certainly is a hurdle to people who want to collaborate.
> IMHO attaching text/image files doesn't involve security risks.
> Thanks, best regards,

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