Building OpenJFX and OpenJDK 8u20

Matthias Bläsing mblaesing at
Sun Mar 30 20:15:52 UTC 2014


I'm trying to build openjdk and openjdk from source. This works well for
jdk8. I adapted the obuildfactory scripts to fit the combined build and
that works for the plain openjdk 8 and openjfx 8 version:

I can build the tag combination: jdk8-b132 (openjdk) and 8.0-b132
(openjfx). With the 8u20 branches this beginns to fall apart. I tried
building with jdk8u20-b06 (openjdk) and 8u20-b07 (openjfx) this fails.

First problem: The file currently expect the build number
to be the last component in the version string - this breaks if a builds
adds its own build number to this. The obuildfactory scripts add the
current date to the build number. This breaks the assumptions in


the build.gradle extracts "132-20140323" as the build number and
explodes, as it later expects that to be parsable as int (verifyJava). I
work around this check by injecting my own faked jdkRuntimeVersion.

Second problem: The the build script extracts the build number from the
mercurial tag and so it leads to buildnum 6 which vialoates the minimum
build version check. For now I just completly fake the

Third problem: The openjfx build fails because it expects to find
JRockit at build time. It is not part of openjdk, so it fails at that
point. Problematic are:

I write this as mail, as I'm a bit unwilling to get just another bug
tracker account, that I won't use in the forseable future.



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