Javadocs and CSS

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Fri May 16 14:38:39 UTC 2014

Should a better cross-reference or mention of CSS properties in the Javadocs?

Many properties can be set via calling methods or through CSS, but
when browsing the Javadocs the related CSS properties are not
mentioned (at least not in most cases).

The package docs for javafx.scene mention the CSS Reference Guide at
the end of the description, and careful reading of that document
mentions the convention used to go from JavaFX variable names to CSS
property. (last paragraph of

I think all that is needed is to mention in the JavaDocs if the
property is configurable from CSS or not. Or at least mention the
exceptions to the rule.  For example most properties of Labeled are
configurable via CSS, but "lineSpacing" and "mnemonicParsing" are
*not* mentioned among the CSS properties.


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