Retro Game I on the App Store

Steven Van Impe steven.vanimpe at
Tue May 20 16:27:43 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

About 2 weeks ago I started an experiment aimed at learning more about RoboVM. I set out to port a simple Pong game to iOS, just to see how far I’d get. Much to my surprise (and thanks to Niklas’ help), everything went smooth and Retro Game I (Pong was taken) is now available on the App Store:

I’ve been told this is the first JavaFX app on the App Store. The steps I took to port and submit the app are summarized in the follow blog entry:

There probably is a lot of room for improvement in what I did, but hopefully this will show that -even if the tools aren’t ‘there’ yet- it’s already pretty easy to build iOS apps with JavaFX with what we have today. I mean, if I can do it ... ;)

Best regards,

Steven Van Impe
Lecturer @ University College Ghent, Belgium

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