How to force pixels to hit the screen?

Mike Hearn mike at
Tue May 20 18:47:30 UTC 2014

> As long as you are doing any of the "heavy lifting" on the FX application
> thread it will necessarily starve the rendering, since the application
> thread is where animation is run and rendering is triggered. Applications
> are encouraged to do computationally expensive tasks or tasks that are
> subject to blocking (e.g., network reads) on a different thread.

Yes, unfortunately one of the heavy tasks is FXMLLoader.load which hits the
threading issues I emailed about earlier.

But I'm not sure I really understand this. I'm OK with my (non interactive)
splash being hung whilst the app thread goes off and do other things, as
long as it was able to draw at least one frame to the screen. Is there any
way to wait for the rendering thread to settle and process the commands
produced by the app thread?

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