How to force pixels to hit the screen?

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Wed May 21 08:28:40 UTC 2014

Did you try to lower the priority of your thread(s)? Also, I the 
suggestion to wait a few frames, e.g. on the AnimationTimer, made a lot 
of sense to me. This will of course slow down total startup time but 
there is a better chance of having a complete splash screen.

I am also wondering if there could be some kind of trigger to know when 
the splash has hit the screen? Maybe SplashScreen.layoutChildren could 
spawn a worker thread (or use runLater) to initialize the rest of the 


On 21.05.2014 09:43, Mike Hearn wrote:
> if there was a way to make the render thread higher priority than the
> rest, that might also work

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