Initial positioning of Dialog

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Sat Nov 1 13:25:26 UTC 2014

I was just addressing a bug in my application related to this. The behaviour you describe happens only in Java FX 2.x.  In JavaFX 8 the dialog still appears in the centre of the display, but it chooses the correct display based on where the parent window is.

I ended up adding a bit of code to reposition the dialog manually, but it was a little tricky to avoid having the dialog flash at the original position first.  I had to set the opacity to 0, reposition it, and then wait a bit before setting the opacity to 1. Even that was done in a couple stages with runLater.


> On Nov 1, 2014, at 8:03 AM, Pete Moss <peatmoss84 at> wrote:
> Just getting started using the new openjfx-dialogs. One thing that annoys
> me is the default initial positioning of a popup dialog. The default seems
> to pop up in the center of the primary display screen. This is particularly
> annoying when the app is running in my secondary display. Where's the popup?
> Is there an option to have it centered on the stage, or a way to manually
> control the initial position? I tried to handle onShowing() but at this
> point X, Y, width and height are NaN.
> Thanks.

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