Questions about Platform.runLater() and Application.start()

ngalarneau at ABINITIO.COM ngalarneau at ABINITIO.COM
Mon Nov 3 13:49:23 UTC 2014


Is there documentation that describes somewhere how Platform.runLater() & 
Application.start() interact?

My impression is that (roughly speaking):
 - there is an EventQueue (to use the Swing terminology).
 - the EventQueue holds both UI events (like mouse click) as well as the 
Runnables enqueued by runLater().
 - the first (?) event put in the EventQueue is a Runnable representing 

My impression is, therefore, that any Runnables enqueued during 
Application.start() won't be run until after start() completes.
This behavior is the same as one runLater() not interrupting another 

Is this sort of stuff documented somewhere?

Is this the right way to think about this part of the system? (even if the 
implementation is different)

Are there other special things to be aware of about Application.start()?



P.S. I am using javafx.concurrent.Service & Task and am hitting some 

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