Building Creative Graphics Applications in JavaFX

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Tue Nov 11 03:51:33 UTC 2014

JavaFX is up to the task.  I've done an application much like you describe
(visualizing a bunch of connected nodes).  It's a commercial app (

Though image operations on a raster for such things as a Photoshop-like app
could benefit a lot from going native.  (There is JAI for that, but it
deals with AWT images.)


On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 3:04 PM, Jeffrey Guenther <
guenther.jeffrey at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been using JavaFX for the last couple years to build a prototype
> for my PhD research. I’ve really enjoyed myself as I’ve used it. For the
> most part, I can implement a UI as fast as I can understand what it needs
> to do. The scene graph is wonderful.
> JavaFX is great if you want to build a more traditional application that
> uses buttons, list views, tables views, etc. What I’m still trying to
> understand is how well JavaFX can help me build more complex interactive
> graphics applications. The majority of my work is in data visualization and
> image creation. I’ve been working some something like NodeBox or
> Grasshopper for Rhino. I’ll finish the prototype with JavaFX. What I’m
> pondering is if I can/should keep using JavaFX should I take the project
> commercial or will it be coding myself into a corner.
> My question to you is: has any one tried to build, even as a sample
> project, a small image editor or vector drawing application with JavaFX?
> What worked well? What kinds of problems did you run into?
> What has been the experience of the SceneBuilder team? SceneBuilder is
> probably the most advanced creative tool I’ve seen built with JavaFX so far.
> I read a post about there being a OpenGL view added to JavaFX one day.
> What’s the latest on this?
> I’m very convinced by the work done by Netflix with RxJava and their other
> projects that Java/JVM applications work great in the enterprise on the
> server. What I’m wondering is if Java and JavaFX can compete with tools
> like Apple’s Cocoa or Qt for building creative applications like say the
> next generations of Photoshop and Illustrator, or some other new innovative
> way of creating content.
> Thank you for your time!
> Jeff

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