JavaFX 8 - Printing 3d scene

Phil Race philip.race at
Tue Nov 11 20:07:05 UTC 2014

2D printing will print images at hi-res, and FX printing will too .. I 
remember testing
with some ultra hi-res images I found somewhere.

To get a hi-res image printed out you would need to be able to capture 
all of the
device pixels - if they aren't there to start with there's nothing 
printing can do.
If you do that I believe it 'just works'. I used an image at full 
resolution and
placed it into an ImageView which had the size I wanted.

If it was scaled down to 144x144 screen /user pixels, it'll get scaled 
down to 2"x2" on the printer.
If the image was really 1,440x1,440 all those pixels will be sent to the 
printer and the results
should look good.

The snippet below probably isn't working with a hi-res image, instead 
just scaling the
up the image to fit the page. It may be scaling by < 2 for all I can tell.
The PrintResolution attribute needs to be involved somewhere if you want 
to know
how much to scale the backbuffer from which you get the pixels but 
300dpi should
look ok except to a discerning user.

I am however not sure how "the AWT printing mechanism" can be coerced into
converting a node to a WriteableImage. I just don't follow that sentence.


On 11/11/2014 11:12 AM, Scott Palmer wrote:
> I'm curious.  If printing in JavaFX is implemented via Java2D then why 
> isn't it matching what "worked" for the OP?
>     "I have tried using the AWT printing mechanism to convert the node 
> to a
> WritableImage and then to a BufferedImage for printing. This works in that
> it prints but we aren't happy with the quality that we get from it."
> Presumably with the appropriate transform in the SnapshotParameters 
> the image resolution can be made to match the printer.  If memory is a 
> concern, it could be done in strips by manipulating the 
> SnapshotParameters viewport.
> Perhaps I am missing some threading issue that makes this impossible?
> Scott
> On Tue, Nov 11, 2014 at 1:13 PM, Phil Race <philip.race at 
> <mailto:philip.race at>> wrote:
>     This is analagous to the software pipeline where 3D rendering -
>     even to screen  - is not supported.
>     I can't see that we documented it, but we were aware that printing
>     3D was out-of-scope for FX 8.
>     FWIW I think these features were overlapping in development and
>     printing was largely done
>     before 3D was complete.
>     If you are running an accelerated (D3D or OpenGL) pipeline and the
>     Node.snapshot(..) function can grab
>     the 3d node  perhaps we could implement printing the scene in
>     terms of that.
>     So what you get would be whatever snapshot would do for you.  In
>     the interim you could do that yourself.
>     -phil.
>     On 11/11/2014 7:29 AM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
>         3D is not supported for printing. I don't know whether this is
>         documented (it should be if it isn't), but it is a known
>         limitation of the current implementation which uses Java2D to
>         render.
>         -- Kevin
>         Scott Palmer wrote:
>             I suggest you file a bug with a reproducible test case at
>             If the 3D node will render to an image, then it should
>             also be printable
>             directly.
>             Scott
>             On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 8:16 PM, Cheryl Long
>             <clong9993 at <mailto:clong9993 at>> wrote:
>                 I posted the following question on Stack Overflow and
>                 it was suggested that
>                 I ask it here.
>                 I am trying to use the JavaFX 8 printing API and I am
>                 running into problems
>                 when I try to print any scene/node that contains any
>                 sort of 3D content. I
>                 have been searching both here and other sites for an
>                 answer and haven't
>                 been able to find anything to help.
>                 If the node contains only 2D content, the scene will
>                 print on my selected
>                 printer without issue. But if I add a single 3D object
>                 to the scene, the
>                 whole thing fails to print - without any error but
>                 without any content. If
>                 I am printing to a printer, a blank page is "printed"
>                 and if I am printing
>                 to a document printer, I get an empty document.
>                 I have tried using the AWT printing mechanism to
>                 convert the node to a
>                 WritableImage and then to a BufferedImage for
>                 printing. This works in that
>                 it prints but we aren't happy with the quality that we
>                 get from it.
>                 My print caller is fairly standard at this stage -
>                 private void doPrintFX() {
>                     Printer printer = Printer.getDefaultPrinter();
>                     PageLayout pageLayout = printer.createPageLayout(
>                             Paper.A3, PageOrientation.LANDSCAPE,
>                 Printer.MarginType.DEFAULT);
>                     final double scaleFactor =
>                 computeScaleFactor(pageLayout.getPrintableWidth(),
>                             pageLayout.getPrintableHeight(),
>                             sceneNode.getBoundsInParent().getWidth(),
>                             sceneNode.getBoundsInParent().getHeight());
>                     if (scaleFactor != 0) {
>                         sceneNode.getTransforms().add(new
>                 Scale(scaleFactor, scaleFactor));
>                     }
>                     PrinterJob job = PrinterJob.createPrinterJob(printer);
>                     if (job != null) {
>                         System.out.println("Printing to " +
>                 job.getPrinter().getName());
>                         boolean success = job.printPage(pageLayout,
>                 sceneNode);
>                         if (success) {
>                             job.endJob();
>                         }
>                     }}
>                 I have scaled back the node to be a very simple scene
>                 containing a couple
>                 of rectangles and a cylinder. The code I am currently
>                 using is:
>                     Cylinder cylinder = new Cylinder(50, 150);
>                     cylinder.setLayoutX(250);
>                     cylinder.setLayoutY(100);
>                     canvas.getDrawingPane().getChildren().add(cylinder);
>                     Rectangle item = new Rectangle(50, 50, 100, 50);
>                     item.setStroke(Color.BLACK);
>                     item.setFill(null);
>                     canvas.getDrawingPane().getChildren().add(item);
>                     item = new Rectangle(75, 75, 100, 50);
>                     item.setStroke(Color.BLACK);
>                     item.setFill(null);
>                     canvas.getDrawingPane().getChildren().add(item);
>                 The canvas.getDrawingPane is a Pane and is what is
>                 being sent to the print
>                 function.
>                 Can anyone advise what might be wrong with what I am
>                 doing? Does the JavaFX
>                 print API support printing of 3D nodes?
>                 Thank you.

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