HEADS-UP: 9-dev repo will open up this week

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Tue Nov 18 12:25:44 UTC 2014

As I mentioned in last week's e-mail about the OpenJFX 8u40 rampdown 
plan, we are preparing to create an OpenJFX 9-dev repo and intend to 
open it up later this week. Until we fork the 8u40 stabilization repo we 
will continue to automatically forward-sync changes from 8u to 9, so any 
bug that is fixed in 8u-dev prior to that time need not be separately 
fixed in 9. I will send a notice to the alias just before we stop doing 
this forward sync.

I will send a follow-up message when the new repo is open, and what the 
rules will be for pushing changes. Initially, we will just target bug 
fixes that are considered too risky for 8u, along with any changes 
needed to support JDK9 features or build time changes; no new features 
or enhancements yet.

-- Kevin

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