Text.getImpl_caretShape returns strange results under certain conditions

Felipe Heidrich felipe.heidrich at oracle.com
Mon Nov 24 01:49:44 UTC 2014

Hi Tom,

Without a reproducible testcase it is hard to see what is happening. Are you using Text or TextFlow ?
For some reason the Text.getImpl_caretShape() seems to think the caret is in the 8th line, which seems to indicate there is some line wrapping width set when it should not (Jim just fixed a bug in that code last week).


> On Nov 23, 2014, at 11:04 AM, Tom Schindl <tom.schindl at bestsolution.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was debugging a problem in my StyledText-Source editor today and found
> one of my layout problems is that ListCells (the inner representation of
> the editor lines is simply ListView) sometime get really strange heights
> assigned.
> To display a caret in the UI I'm creating a caret-Shape using
> Text.getImpl_caretShape but this is causeing my layout problems because
> under certain conditions the returned cursor is completely wrong.
> Look for example at the following example. The first line is the bounds
> of the Text-Element with the content (privata) and the 2nd is the Path
> created by Text.getImpl_caretShape
>> BoundingBox [minX:0.0, minY:0.0, minZ:0.0, width:81.01318359375, height:15.0, depth:0.0, maxX:81.01318359375, maxY:15.0, maxZ:0.0]
>>  privata ===> [MoveTo[x=9.00146484375, y=120.0], LineTo[x=9.00146484375, y=135.0]]
> the correct path is [MoveTo[x=9.00146484375, y=0.0],
> LineTo[x=9.00146484375, y=15.0]]
> I've been able to work around this problem for the time being. Anyone an
> idea what is causing this completely invalid caretShape?
> Tom
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