Non-portable config in Scene Builder 2

Ryan Jaeb ryan at
Mon Nov 24 12:19:57 UTC 2014


Are there any plans to improve the portability of Scene Builder's
configuration?  To give a specific example of what I mean, I asked a
question related to previewed style sheets on the forum:

For me, any features that store config info in the registry like that
are unusable.  As a general rule, if I can't commit something to a
VCS, I don't depend on it.

Of all the external tools I use, the ones I find easiest to work with
have a project (config) file that I can put in my project directory
and commit to VCS.  All of the project config is stored in that file
and all paths are relative to that file.

Are there any plans to introduce the concept of a project into Scene
Builder?  If not, are there any plans to reintroduce the Scene Builder
specific tags like the one I asked about in the above forum post?


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