OpenJFX + OpenSceneBuilder + Netbeans+ OSGI: Controller path

Александр Свиридов ooo_saturn7 at
Tue Nov 25 07:00:05 UTC 2014


So, the problem was that we couldn't add openSceneBuilder to netbeans. We found out that in oracle scene builder there is some binary program that netbeans needs to work with, but in open scenebuilder we didn't find that program. So we decided to write simple netbeans module that starts open source builder (via Runtime.getRuntime().exec..) and passes as argument fxml file. Everything ok.
However we use only osgi. So we put our fxml files in src/main/resources/fxml folder. In this case when we open fxml file via our netbeans module, scene builder can't find Controller. In official  doc
>The path field contains the fully qualified Java class name of the controller class file, which must be located in the same folder, a sub-folder, or a parent folder in which the FXML file is saved. A suggested Java class name is displayed when you click the down arrow that is circled in Figure 8-6 and the controller class location has already been resolved by Scene Builder.
And now
>If you are using NetBeans IDE with JavaFX Scene Builder and your FXML file is located in a NetBeans project, then the Controller class java file can be located in any java package inside your NetBeans project's src folder.
It's clear that in osgi we can't fulfill these conditions. However oracle program somehow can do it.
We tried to pass to scenebuilder controllerpath as argument but it tries to parse all argumetns as xml files.
So the question, how can we pass the controllerFilePath to scene builder jar file?


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