from Glass to Prism

Johan Vos johan at
Thu Nov 27 08:59:21 UTC 2014


One of the android-specific things (but I think it can be generic) I added
to the Android Monocle port, is the configuration change of the screen.
When rotating a device, the dimensions of the screen change and the GL
context might become invalid.
This is now handled by the monocle implementation, and the next time a
pulse occurs, everything will be rendered correctly. So in case the Scene
contains an animation or something else that will generate a pulse, the
whole scene is rendered immediately in the correct dimensions. In the other
case, the content of the screen is out of focus until a button is pressed
or so.

While I see several ways to trigger a pulse from within Monocle (or Glass
in general), I was wondering about the most appropriate way to do this?


- Johan

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