jfx:native - MSI installer change request

Scott Lewis scott.lewis at nsidc.org
Wed Oct 1 21:59:50 UTC 2014

When I was using the jfx:native maven goal to create an installer for 
Windows using MSI, most of it works fine.  However, I wanted to 
customize the dialogs that are shown during the installation process.  I 
can get the configuration files OK, but the problem is that in order for 
it to work completely, the WixUIExtension needs to be included in the 
command line (using an "-ext WixUIExtension" option).

Unfortunately, there is no way to add this when running the installer. 
The code (WinMsiBundler.java) hardcodes the WixUtilExtension, but that 
is all.

Ideally, it would be nice to be able to specify any number of arbitrary 
extensions at the command line, perhaps via some kind of flag like 
-Dextension=WixUIExtension, which then gets passed into the 
WinMsiBundler to create more "-ext XYZExtension" options).  But even 
just having the UI extension hardcoded inthere would get it to work.

I can probably just do the change locally and install a custom version 
of the JFX stuff in my repository, but I think it would be a worthwhile 
change to the repo overall.


Scott Lewis

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